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Codesign determines the strategy required to share your business, project or idea with the whole world, gives life to the original designs prepared in accordance with the requirements of the determined strategy with world-class development tools and presents them to the publication in ideal conditions. It monitors the efficiency of the work done and prepares understandable reports for you.

The resulting work will be shaped specifically for you, in line with your needs. Because you can only be yourself the moment you step outside the boundaries that someone has drawn and perhaps the patterns that have been used thousands of times.

"What reflects your brand's originality is not actually the mirror, but its shape and frame."


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How we work?

Although we evaluate each project within its own framework, we follow these four stages in our working principle.

Setting up the strategy

Website, search engine optimization, digital advertising campaign or social media management; Regardless of the scope of the project, we believe that the right strategy must first be determined in order to achieve the goal.

Strateji Plan

Original Design

An original design that will ensure the achievement of the target with the determined strategy is a must. We prepare original designs that will highlight your business and ideas among similar ones in the digital world, highlight your different aspects, and suit your corporate identity.

Ui Ux Tasarım Design

Back-end / Front-end Development

We do not use any ready-made system when making back-end and front-end developments in accordance with the principles and original design specified in the project. We develop a content management system in accordance with the content. We add the data to the system, we think about the front-end interface developments that will bring the design to life, and we do it in the most optimal time.

Backend Frontend Geliştirme

Quality Control and Publishing

By publishing the project to staging server, we test it in different operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions. We make the necessary improvements and open them to the public with the approval of the project owner.

Front-end Geliştirme
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