Since 2008, we have one focus:

Website design and digital marketing

Although Codesign's history dates back to the early 2000s, we accept the year 2008, when we registered our brand as a milestone.

We have accomplished numerous projects over the past years. We provided website design and development services to many brands. We contributed to the branding process of institutions by carrying out digital marketing activities for the projects we prepared. 

"You can only have the hands to untie the tightest knots by working hard."

We stepped in at any point you needed us in the field of internet and digital marketing. Sometimes we used our ideas and implementation power to maximize your existing infrastructure. Even if you did not start your journey with us, we supported you every step of the way, from the smallest to the largest. In some cases we have only solved "a" problem, we have compassed the biggest projects in some.

Quality and reliable service

"Ideas that do not add value to your brand cannot land without burning in the atmosphere of the digital world."

We aim for the highest possible level of quality while doing our job. We say it is possible because we are aware that the work we do can go as far as technology comes from. You may have ideas that you think are great, but once they become impractical, they will not serve your brand. We approach projects with this point of view, while keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, we work without compromising the truths for the work done.

We would like to thank our friends who preferred to work with us again for the redesign of the websites we have prepared over the past years, who trusted us for their new work, and recommended us to their business partners.


Continuous and Accessible Support

For us, our projects are not jobs that are done once and forgotten after the invoice is issued. Depending on the nature of the project, we can provide continuous support, or we can repeat our support according to the needs of the moment, even after years. We proudly stand behind our work from the very beginning in the industry where many companies have disappeared over the years and left their websites unattended.

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