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ClientArlight Aydınlatma A.Ş.
Services Provided

Website interface design
Responsive frontend development
Custom content management system development
Backend development
Website update and support

We started the project for Arlight Lighting, the leading company of the lighting industry, with an interface design that will highlight the company's design philosophy, continued with responsive frontend development, completed the content management system and backend development, integrated the products into the system, and launched them in Turkish and English language options.

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We have developed an in-site search engine so that visitors can easily access the products and information they are looking for on the Arlight website, which has a rich content of nearly two thousand products, downloadable files, references, interviews, corporate information.

With the PDF creation module we have prepared, we have made it possible for visitors to contain the information of the product or product group they want and save their PDF documents in real time.

The catalog creation module, which we have prepared, offers visitors real-time catalogs created with the data of the products for lighting types.

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Project Walkthrough

We have created a sharing module to easily share the pages on social media channels.

We have created a data export module where company officials can receive product inventory in Excel .csv format for all products, product groups or sub-groups.

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While doing all these, we took care that the site maintains its "fast" evaluation according to Google speed criteria.

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