ClientAfyon Özel Sağlık Hizmetleri Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş.
Services Provided

Website interface design
Responsive frontend development
Custom content management system development
Backend development
Intranet development
Website update and support


We have developed four sites based on the same corporate identity, but with different content, using a single content management system for Parkhayat Health Group's corporate site and Parkhayat Afyon Hospital, Parkhayat Kütahya Hospital, Parkhayat Akşehir Hospital serving within the group

Parkhayat Web Sitesi 03Parkhayat Web Sitesi 04Parkhayat Web Sitesi 05Parkhayat Web Sitesi 06

Website developed with a mobile user interface and Turkish and English site content can be updated by dedicated content editors that can be assigned for each hospital.

The content management system designed in an expandable structure enables the creation of new websites in case new hospitals are added to the Park Hayat Health Group.

We have also developed a personnel intranet system for Parkhayat Health Group.

Parkhayat Web Sitesi 07Parkhayat Web Sitesi 08Parkhayat Web Sitesi 09Parkhayat Web Sitesi 10Parkhayat Web Sitesi 12
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